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Figure 3

From: Oxaliplatin neurotoxicity – no general ion channel surface-charge effect

Figure 3

Cysteine-enriched Shaker channel. Oxaliplatin does not affect a cysteine-enriched Shaker (E418C) channel. A) Current family in control solution. Voltage steps between -40 and +60 mV in steps of 20 mV. Holding voltage = -80 mV. Time between each step is 2 min to allow complete recovery after inactivation [16]. Two-electrode voltage clamp in A and B. B) Current family after complete modification of the positively charged MTSET. This shows that 418C is very sensitive to modification. C) Another control recording similar to that in A. Cut-open oocyte voltage clamp in C and D. D) Addition of 60 μM oxaliplatin does not affect the currents.

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