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Table 1 Effects of topoisomerase I and dual inhibitors on Trypanosoma cruzi after 72 h of treatment

From: Effects of camptothecin derivatives and topoisomerase dual inhibitors on Trypanosoma cruzi growth and ultrastructure

Drugs Target IC50(μM) Ultrastructural effects
Topotecan Eukaryotic Topo I Inhibitor 110 Unpacking of nuclear heterochromatin and mitochondrial swelling
Irinotecan Eukaryotic Topo I Inhibitor > 300 No modifications
Baicalein Eukaryotic Dual Inhibitor 62,83 No modifications
Luteolin Eukaryotic Dual Inhibitor > 300 No modifications
Evodiamine Eukaryotic Dual Inhibitor 90,73 No modifications