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Table 2 Amino acid sequence comparison (44C > T; S15F and 55A > G; T19A) of the highly conserved TGFBR3 signal domain from Homo sapiens (accession no. NP_003234.2), Pan troglodytes (accession no. XP_513555.2), Sus scrofa (accession no. NP_999437.1), Mus musculus (accession no. NP_035708) and Rattus norvegicus (accession no. NP_058952.1)

From: TGFBR3 variation is not a common cause of Marfan-like syndrome and Loeys-Dietz-like syndrome

Species Amino acid sequence
H. sapiens S CLAT AGPEP
P. troglodytes S CLAT AGPEP
M. mulatta S CLAT AGPEP
S. scrofa S CLAT AGPEP
M. musculus ACLAT AGPEP
R. norvegicus ACLAT AGPEP
  1. Amino acid residues found to show variation as identified in this study are highlighted in bold and respective conserved amino acids are shown in bold and underlined.